2 International Astrophotography awards for Cyprus

  • Photo of the M78 Nebula that won the Image of the Day award on the Astrobin platform
  • Photo of the M1 Nebula, that won the Image of the Day award on the AAPOD2 platform
Left: Nebula M78 – Vilen Sharifov & Vitaly Lomachenkov Right: Nebula M1 – Themis Karteris

The photographs shown above were taken by the SPICA Observatory in Prodromos. They stood out for their technical excellence and exceptional quality after being selected as the best among hundreds, if not thousands of other astrophotographs by the global astronomical community.

The photo of the M78 Nebula (left), was taken by Vilen Sharifov & Vitaly Lomachenkov, who had their telescope installed at the SPICA Observatory for the period Dec ’23 – Mar ’24.

The photo of the M1 Nebula (right), was taken by the 1010 Cosmos subscription telescope “T1” and the final processing (that won) as well as the distinction, was done by Themis Karteris, a “T1” data subscriber from Greece.

These awards promote interesting & impressive astrophotographs with a special emphasis on technical excellence. They have practically put Cyprus on the world map of Astrophotography and have strongly introduced the exceptional night sky of Cyprus and Prodromos to the international astronomical community.

The observatory S.P.I.C.A. in Prodromos has been operating since March 2023 with remote control and houses research and private telescopes for scientific research and Astrophotography.

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