NASA Launches Snap It! Computer Game to Learn About Eclipses

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be visible to over 30 million people across North America. To help kids learn about solar eclipses, NASA is launching Snap It! An Eclipse Photo Adventure.



The Snap It! game – designed for kids ages 7 and up – lets players help out the Traveler, an enthusiastic character who loves to explore the universe. The Traveler has previously learned about black holes and is now visiting Earth to learn about eclipses.

Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. The total solar eclipse later this year will completely block the Sun’s light from reaching parts of eastern and southern North America, bathing the landscape in darkness. Through taking photos of the Sun and decorating postcards, the goal of this game is to learn about eclipses and objects that transit, or pass in front of, the Sun. The game can be played on any computer using an internet browser.


With the Snap It! game, players can create postcards to share with their friends and family. NASA

Play the game and share your #SnapIt postcards with friends and family:


source:, “NASA Launches Snap It! Computer Game to Learn About Eclipses“, by Abbey Interrante

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