Northern Lights In The Sky of Cyprus

Saturday 11/5/2024

Extremely Strong Solar Storm Underway – An Extremely Rare Sky Phenomenon!

An extremely strong Solar Storm has been underway since yesterday Friday 10/5. This storm reached an extreme level (G5: Extreme) during the previous hours and as a result the phenomenon of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is at extremely high levels of activity. According to reports the phenomenon has made its appearance in the night sky in many northern hemisphere countries even in extremely low latitudes such as southern Florida & New Mexico.

Northern Lights in Cyprus!

The phenomenon was also recorded in the morning hours from Cyprus, specifically from the SPICA Observatory in Prodromos. The observatory’s panoramic camera (All-Sky Camera), which continuously records the sky, “caught” the evolution of the phenomenon and the data captured are currently being analyzed.

This is a historic moment as it is the first time this phenomenon has been recorded from Cyprus, indicative of the intense solar activity we are experiencing.

The phenomenon is expected to continue tonight, Saturday 11/5/2024, and especially during the early hours of Sunday 12/5/2024. We are in constant contact with colleagues abroad, monitoring the evolution of the phenomenon. Tonight 11/5/2024 especially after 23:00 in the evening and if the weather conditions allow it, it is possible to observe & photograph the phenomenon from the countryside in areas away from light pollution.

No special equipment is needed to observe the phenomenon. To photograph the phenomenon, a camera with a tripod and the ability to take a Long exposure is required.

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