Saturday, October 28 2023


On the night of October 28, we will have the opportunity to observe a Partial Lunar Eclipse. The phenomenon will be visible in its entirety from Cyprus. The Full Moon will rise at approximately 17:41 and the phenomenon begins at 21:01 with the Moon entering the outer part of the Earth’s shadow – the Penumbra. The Partial Eclipse begins with the Moon entering the main part of the Earth’s shadow at 22:35. The phenomenon reaches it’s maximum at 23:15 with the Moon at an altitude of 65 degrees. The Partial Eclipse phase ends when the Moon exits the Umbra at 23:52 and the entire phenomenon ends at 01:26 with the complete exit of the Moon from the Earth’s penumbra.

Partial Eclipses occur when the Moon grazes a part of the Earth’s shadow. They are easily observable with the unaided eye as the darkening of the Lunar surface is noticeable but can also be enjoyed photographically.


Photo of Partial Lunar Eclipse: Agapios Ilias


Here are the stages of the phenomenon in local time (UTC+2 with Daylight Savings Time)
· Phenomenon begins – The Moon enters the Penumbra: 21:01
· Partial Eclipse begins – The Moon enters the Umbra: 22:35
· Maximum Eclipse: 23:15
· End of the Partial Phase – The Moon exits the Umbra: 23:52
· Phenomenon ends: The Moon exits the Penumbra: 01:26


By Agapios Elia

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