The largest planetarium in the Eastern Mediterranean and the 1st Planetarium in Cyprus!
A unique space that combines education and entertainment.  
We welcome you all, to explore the magic of the universe.


In the 1st Planetarium built in Cyprus, you will enjoy the magic of space. Observe through the telescopes and travel in the sky through the Planetarium Dome. See the scheduled movies, every day.

Spectacular videos and live images from the telescope and helioscope, day and night.

Don’t miss the live streaming connections with other observatories in every corner of the globe, to observe phenomena that are not visible from our side of the planet.

The planetarium amphitheatre has an 18.25 meter dome with a high-definition (9K) projection system.

Dream it. See it. Live it!


The observatory has two of the most modern robotic telescopes available in Cyprus.



The observatory has one of the most modern robotic telescopes available in Cyprus, with high target accuracy. The telescope is 14”/356mm diameter and has the ability of online, remote control, and a high-definition camera (Sensor: SONY IMX455CMOS Resolution: 62 Mega Pixel 9576X6388) for planets and space photography.


The Helioscope (also with a robotic base)  offers impressive observations of solar flares. The helioscope will provide the opportunity to observe and study the Sun and solar activities during the day. Images from the observatory will be stored and be accessible from the planetarium database on an online platform.
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