Race to Earth


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Native Language: Greek
Duration: 35 Minutes


Two rival ethno groups live on the Moon, the Gaslunians and the Karlunians. The Queen Gasoline’s has the obsessional desire to understand why the Earth, which prevails in the sky of her country, never falls on the Moon. She orders Gasogene to engineer a machine to bring a Gaslunian to Earth!

The Emperor Karfurax swears he will do his utmost to make sure that the first selenite to reach Earth is a Karlunian. He entrusts Karboxyle, the scientist, with this mission upon which the honour of the whole Karlunian nation depends. After a fierce competition, they will be able to deduce the basis of universal gravitation and the elementary principles of travel in space.

This comedy-fiction is aimed to schools and general public. The script has been written by a professional author who has been immerged in the planetarium world for some years. It is a scientific show matching audience demand in terms of storytelling and accurate scientific information.


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